Kenneth Grice, aka KGriceProductions, was born and raised in Dillon, SC.  He started playing the piano at the age of 5. He would hear songs and then start to play them. By 10 years old, he was already playing the piano and keyboard in church.  Later he learned how to play the Hammond Organ also.  

 In junior high school he joined the concert band. He learned how to play the trumpet. He won district and region honors.  Later he was asked to move to French horn since they did not have enough of students playing that instrument.  He also won district and region honors playing the French Horn.  

 Kenneth loved after he learned a song, to make it sound different. A lot of people told him that his sound was “jazzy”.  Kenneth says since he played gospel coming up, he was forced to learn various types of music.  Gospel not only can sound traditional, but it can sound contemporary.  It can sound like Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Blues, Country, or Funk.  This has helped Kenneth produce music in so many different styles.  

 Kenneth loved computers and decided to major in Management Information Systems. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Francis Marion University.  He loved technology and started creating websites and databases. He also loved fixing and building computers. He decided to take the Management Information Systems route because he wanted to get the business knowledge and also knew one day he would love to manage an IT department after he quit being a programmer.  

 His love for music and technology helped him to get in the world of music production. He loves the whole process of getting an idea completed. From playing multiple instruments and mixing it all together.  He also is now a Senior IT Manager working for Duke Energy in their Nuclear Generation Division.  

 Kenneth says, “I thank the Lord for blessing me with these talents”. He taught me so much as I was coming up. So I choose to glorify Him!”